Our Allied Health Professionals

Health Visitors

Health Visitors are Specialist Community Public Health Nurses. Our aim is to promote health and prevent ill – health through working with parents / carers in order to assist them in providing their children with the best start in life. We strive to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities.

We, along with a wider team which includes nursery nurses and administration, offer support and advice in relation to health, growth and development. This includes parenting advice, connecting families to local services, and providing resources / useful sources of information to help support you and your family to flourish. A programme of child health and development reviews will be routinely offered to every family by the Health Visiting Team.  Telephone 0131 454 2135.

Our Health Visiting Team are:

  • Suzanne White, Health Visitor
  • Alison Copley, Health Visitor
  • Nina Fraser, Health Visitor
  • Louise Penman, Nursery Nurse
  • Diane McGreavy, Clerical Administrator


Our Pharmacy Team are:

  • Eva Gkounela, Specialist Clinical Pharmacist
  • Kirsten Shaw, Prescribing Support Pharmacy Technician
  • Claire McIntyre, Prescribing Support Pharmacy Technician

Community Link Worker

Our Community Link Worker is:

  • Claire Gardiner